Cremation Urn Size Calculator

What size cremation urn do I need? Try our Urn Size Calculator

  • What is the standard size of an urn?
  • What size should an urn be?
  • What is the average volume of a cremated body?
  • How many cubic inches does an urn hold?
  • How big is an urn for ashes?

Urn shopping shouldn’t suck. Is a little bit of anxiety welling up as you're asking these questions. You’re not alone! We rounded up some helpful answers for you.

Cremation urn size calculator

Rule of thumb each pound of weight will equal one cubic inch of ashes after cremation occurs.

If they weighed 140 pounds before death you’ll need an urn that holds 140 cubic inches or more of ashes. So the easy starting point is to find out what your loved one weighed before cremation. Most of our Adult Urns hold 200 cubic inches of ashes

Adult Urn - Most Common

Adult Urns, Standard Urns or Large Urns, are the most common urn size for adult cremation ashes. Anyone weighing under 220 lbs (or shorter than 6ft) before cremation will fit in a standard adult urn.

Small and Medium Urn - Shared remains or young children (or pets)

Small and Medium Urns are best when dividing ashes between 2 or more people as well as for young children or pets. Note: Small urns are not typically deal as a single vessel for adult remains regardless of height or weight before cremation. Only our medium diamond-shaped Drop Dead is ideal for a smaller adult.

Keepsake Urn - Small amount of shared remains

Keepsake urns or mini urns are best for holding a small amount of ashes in remembrance. These tiny urns are a popular way to dividing ashes amongst other people who also cherished the loved one.

Urns for Two - Combined ashes

Urns for Two, also referred to as Companion Urns, Double Urns or Double Internment, are used when combining two people’s ashes into a single urn. Or they are urns that come in pairs.

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