Shop premium & affordable wood urns for ashes and cremation. Bamboo cubes and boxes to celebrate a loved one with a sense of simplicity and elegance.

Some of our bamboo urns are even Green-Certified and LEED-compliant. That means they’re not using bamboo species consumed by endangered pandas. I mean who doesn’t like pandas.

Cremation urns made from wood provide a warm and natural option any kind of memorial. A great way to create a focal point in the home, these wooden memorials are handcrafted and designed by highly skilled craftsmen using a technique called Handicrafts Art and the hardwood is aged to perfection for strength.

Good wood-working craftsmanship is an old and celebrated skill that remains with us to this day. Wood cremation urns, of which there are a wide variety to choose from, can convey a sense of simplicity and elegance, offering a distinct way to honor a loved one.

Wood Urns

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Zen Croaker
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SKU: UR315-12LG-018ZC

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VENDOR: 21 Grammori

An homage to We Croak which following Buddhist practices sends out daily reminders to stop and think about death to find happiness. Bamboo wood urn.  Zen Croaker is not completely bio-degradable due to the metal plate on it's base. This...


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