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21 Grammori

21 Grammori is a collection of urns, death reminder mementos, and unique gifts to make death more positive.

We're here to help people live better by talking about death. Oddly, how we do that makes it easier for you to not over pay.

We sell urns online about 70% cheaper than most funeral homes. Many people don’t realize at no extra cost you can bring your own urn to a funeral home.

Beyond traditional funeral needs, we also sell to people who are very much alive & living. Having your urn on display or giving it as a unique gift – sparks death positive reminders and conversations to live better. Our urns are pretty enough they will compliment any home décor!

We also help you find unique gifts for that someone who has everything. We all know ‘those people’. Yah, but do they have a Jo[URN]ey Urn yet? 

Oh, and we take the anxiety out of buying all types of funeral urns too. 

Urn shopping shouldn’t suck


21 Grammori is a mashup of two concepts intended to help us approach death – a little different.  

memento mori

“The 21 Grams Experiment” was a 1907 study to measure the mass lost when the soul departed the body –  their proof of the existence of a soul weighed 21 grams. While the experiment is considered flawed it did spark art, film and contemplation around death. 

“Memento Mori” translated from Latin ‘Remember death’ is the ancient practice of reflection on mortality to better appreciate life. In Roman 200 BC when a victorious general paraded through town a servant would ride shot gun and to keep the general humble whisper in his ear: ‘Respice post te! Hominem te esse memento! Memento mori!’ which means ‘Look behind you! Remember that you are but a man! Remember death!’

Today, the death positive movement is a new appreciation of how conversations around mortality help us better appreciate life, grieve better, and find our purpose -  how to make death more positive. 

That’s what our death reminders, urns and containers are intended to do. 

P.S. Shopping for urns or containers shouldn’t suck. It shouldn’t be an anxiety inducing experience: 

…overpaying because everything funeral related is ka-ching 

…or what the heck size you need

…or stress finding something that doesn’t look like it was a failed pottery experiment or have butterflies or paw prints everywhere (nothing against butterflies).


I’m a seasoned entrepreneur who’s now combining my mad business skills with a pain turned passion. 

Shelley Mantei

My “year of death” is what I call when my Dog, Dad, Grandma and Uncle all died like dominos. To make that year crazier I said goodbye twice to both my Dog and Dad as they went from days to live to dramatic turnarounds but then both lost their battles. From grief to logistics I kept thinking death shouldn’t be this hard. 

Why are so many of us so death illiterate? 

That question put me on a journey to realize how talking and thinking about death is a not so secret, secret to finding your purpose. And OMG why are urns so ugly or worse ugly and expensive. There should be better options! See where I’m going here. 

Can you trust us with your purchase? Sure this will change down the road, but right now ever single order is processed…by me, hand-packed with love…by me, and walked down to the post office…by me. So am I going to make sure you get your order, Hells yes. 

Yup, that’s how 21 Grammori came about. You’re welcome. Excited to serve you! 

Funeral Charity Fund



$1 from every regular urn purchase we’ll donate to our funeral fund.

Government programs cover a basic funeral. We believe everyone deserves more than basic…to celebrate the person who’s passed and help the living grieve. We’ve started a fund to add the stuff that makes a funeral more special - from flowers to virtual memorials. 

Plus, if you buy a gift certificate or an urn and it does it purpose to get the recipient to talk and think about death – but it’s just not for them - they can donate it to the fund!

At first we won’t be able to issue charity receipts but that is coming soon!


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